T25: Day 1 Butterfly Style

One of the hardest things for me to deal with over the years is my yo-yo relationship with physical fitness. I have had periods when I build up my stamina and can walk 2 miles a day! But I have also had flares when I could barely walk from the store to my handicapped parking spot. And the shift between the two (active vs. barely walking) can be abrupt, sometimes shifting back-forth in the same day, or slow with months of activity followed by months of chronic fatigue.

Over the past year I have been trying to build up my stamina so that flares won’t be as bad. I started slow – transitioning from many months of PT to water aerobics and gentle yoga.

But tonight I jumped into the deep end & decided to try T25.  On the surface this idea seemed a tad crazy. Just about every time I try an exercise program that is not aquatic, I injure myself. But this time seemed different. I spent so much time in PT that I learned what I can & can’t and how to modify exercises properly.

So tonight I did my first T25 workout. I used the modified T25 exercises as my guide and then modifying them even further when necessary. The key was to keep moving for the entire 25 minutes. When they did moves that were too hard or might trigger a prior injury I just walked in place (I learned that trick from “Walk Away the Pounds” years ago). I estimate that out of the 25 minutes, I walked 10 & did 15 minutes of the modified exercises.

That’s fabulous! I hope I still feel that way in the morning!




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