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A Mother’s Journey of Living with A Teenager with Lupus by Guest Butterfly Marier Stapleton (My mom!)

In honor of all the mothers of chronically ill children & teens. Happy Mothers Day!

Butterfly Lessons

One very cold winter morning, my fourteen-year old daughter had a seizure and was taken to the emergency room.  Numerous tests were administered.  The doctors that morning did not find anything physically wrong with my daughter based on the results of the tests.

Hours later, I took her to our general practitioner who also ran a series of tests.  All of the tests came back negative.  Our  general practitioner made several referrals to specialists..  Their tests came back negative also.  Our general practitioner was perplexed and decided to refer her to a psychiatrist.

I recall us sitting in the psychiatrist’s office being asked a series of questions.  After several hours of interviewing my daughter and me, he concluded that the illness was probably physical and not emotional.  On our drive home my daughter looked up at me with a smile and said to me that the psychiatrist needed counseling, not…

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