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Black Men also get Lupus: A Pinterest Board (#HAWMC 16)

Today’s HAWMC challenge was to create a Pinterest Board:

Pin it – Health Activist Style. A picture is worth a thousand words and today’s prompt proves it…. What images did you “pin” that mean the most to you when you think about your health, your condition, or your time as a Health Activist?

Nick Cannon has been on my mind a lot lately because he is a great example of “exceptions proving the rule.” Lupus is largely a female disease. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, only one out of every 10 lupus patients is male.

Nick’s case of Lupus Nephritis (when lupus affects the kidneys) is one of a very few cases in which black male celebrities with lupus have called public attention to men and lupus.

Seal has become the “face” of discoid lupus,a version of lupus that severely scars the skin.

Rapper Trick Daddy also has Lupus. Listen to his interview with Wendy Williams here:

If you are interested in viewing my Pinterest Board Black Men with Lupus, please check it out.

Katina Rae Stapleton